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Complaints about Hijab

Asalamu alaikum,

The complaints I get about hijab generally fall into two categories.  First from people who are not Muslim, and may have heard all sorts of misinformation, and second from Muslims themselves.

From Non-Muslims, I did(now that I live overseas this is very rare) get the occasional-“oh that is so oppressive why does your husband make you wear it.” I usually tried to keep my answers short and simple, as this type don’t really want to hear it, or change their thinking. A simple “He doesn’t, I am the one who chose this, he was against it in the beginning”. If they then seem interested in actually listening I would expand, but this generally didn’t happen, instead it was the head shaking, poor deluded fool look that I got.

From others, it was usually a more general less offensive comment, like “aren’t you hot in that?, or “do you wear that at home/all the time?” These got a smile and a bit of explanation-“Well my clothes aren’t tight, so there is a lot of air flow that keeps me cool and covering this much skin helps with the sunburn, as I burn easily” and “No, I just wear it when I am outside of my house, or around any man that is not a close enough relative, in my own home I dress just like most people.”

From Muslims, complaints and criticisms are a bit more difficult¬† to deal with as I don’t want to offend any one. My biggest stumbling block is that a lot of Muslims are raised in a culture of Islam, meaning they were born into a family/country that practices a certain way, rather than a more strict interpretation. So in trying to explain why I dress the way the I do it is very easy to accidentally offend someone. It can feel like I am trying to say that I am better than them/their culture because I cover more. With Muslims I have to be very careful about what I say and how I say it.


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Hijab Haiku

Asalamu Alaikum!

Drape,wrap,tuck it in.
Free flowing cloth, light as air,
Is my dupatta.

Hijab is my cape.
My protective covering.
Armor made of cloth.

It makes me feel free,
For me to choose what is seen,
Not society.

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