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Complaints about Hijab

Asalamu alaikum,

The complaints I get about hijab generally fall into two categories.  First from people who are not Muslim, and may have heard all sorts of misinformation, and second from Muslims themselves.

From Non-Muslims, I did(now that I live overseas this is very rare) get the occasional-“oh that is so oppressive why does your husband make you wear it.” I usually tried to keep my answers short and simple, as this type don’t really want to hear it, or change their thinking. A simple “He doesn’t, I am the one who chose this, he was against it in the beginning”. If they then seem interested in actually listening I would expand, but this generally didn’t happen, instead it was the head shaking, poor deluded fool look that I got.

From others, it was usually a more general less offensive comment, like “aren’t you hot in that?, or “do you wear that at home/all the time?” These got a smile and a bit of explanation-“Well my clothes aren’t tight, so there is a lot of air flow that keeps me cool and covering this much skin helps with the sunburn, as I burn easily” and “No, I just wear it when I am outside of my house, or around any man that is not a close enough relative, in my own home I dress just like most people.”

From Muslims, complaints and criticisms are a bit more difficult¬† to deal with as I don’t want to offend any one. My biggest stumbling block is that a lot of Muslims are raised in a culture of Islam, meaning they were born into a family/country that practices a certain way, rather than a more strict interpretation. So in trying to explain why I dress the way the I do it is very easy to accidentally offend someone. It can feel like I am trying to say that I am better than them/their culture because I cover more. With Muslims I have to be very careful about what I say and how I say it.


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